My New Year’s Evolution

I’m not big on resolutions. I simply resolve to keep evolving. That covers all my bases to do better in the new year –– whichever year we happen to be celebrating.

I know I should exercise more, drink less wine, get organized, eat healthier, make more money and be more serious on occasion.

Whew! That sounds so vapid. Striving for perfection is for those who are scared to fail. But failure can be far less a stumbling block than feeling as if the world will stop spinning if you blow it. That just means you’re focusing on the fear, not the goal. In the words of Sweet Brown…ain’t nobody got time for that.

My first marriage ending and my failure to successfully earn a steady paycheck after full-time motherhood makes me the poster child of missteps. Screwing up isn’t fun, but it has forced me to take a long, hard look at myself.

Starring in my own personal blooper reel I’ve learned not to be afraid of taking risks.

I’ve absorbed more practical lessons, too. While I’ve been all three stooges in this shit show because of my singular stupidity, or a result of a collective numbnuts effort, I see that my life improves every time I truly learn from my mistakes.

Strive for that elusive pinnacle and you’ll miss the real remedies to change for the better.

So yes, I will resolve to drink a little less wine and increase my flatlined paycheck in 2014. But I promise to laugh more than ever – especially at the other things on my list.

Cheers to the evolution of you in the new year.

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