Marriage and the Whole Picture.

What’s wrong with this picture? The bed is made. The duvet cover is from Pottery Barn. I have the cute accent pillows and Lee’s lovely framed prints on the wall that match the color scheme of our room. There’s harmony going on in the middle. It’s the opposite sides of the bed that tell it all.

Look at my side table. It’s the one with life splayed out in layers of chaos.


Now look at Lee’s side. Practical and unencumbered – not one of the four things touch which leaves an orderly space for events to occur.


Here’s what Lee’s thinking before falling asleep:
Hmmm, I think I’ll text myself a reminder about a deadline for tomorrow, read my book for thirty minutes and when I’m done, I’ll set my alarm for 6 AM while looking at the lovely photo of Sue and me at the beach way back when she washed her hair every day.

Here’s what I’m thinking:
Why do my cuticles grow so damned fast?

I really didn’t used to be this way.

Honest, ask my ex if you can find him. I was annoyingly on top of my game.

Midlife just hit me like an asteroid hurtling down towards my brain.

Now that I’m remarried, this husband is the list maker. This is a good thing because I honestly can forget to feed the dog.

Lee does his own laundry. I typically have to run my load twice because I leave it in there and then it has that funk smell.

He tells me I can exaggerate the details sometimes. I should use my smart phone to get more organized. I need to get rid of a few cats.

I advise him to chill more often, become more patient and pretend the cats are a posse of Shih Tzus who come when called.

We listen to each other and on occasion, we meet in the middle. He provides the space between my layers of reading glasses, sticky notes, eye cream and running gloves. I blow in and force him to ride my flying carpet otherwise known as the seat of my pants.

But we love getting in that bed each night knowing that we’ll wake up in the middle of it all.

Next week I promise to take a break from my midlife train wreck-of-a-brain stories and write about something quite different. Meeting my birth brothers has indeed been a journey filled with humor, challenge, joy and once again proving that this time in my life keeps giving me plenty of stories to tell.

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