I know Who I Am, Said Sue-I-Am

I don’t have time to write this week. I’m too busy watching my Facebook movie.

It’s all about me!!

I’m also taking a lot of tests on buzzfeed.com. I’m on a journey for truth and self discovery.

I want to see who or what I’d be if I wasn’t busy being me, doing what I do.

So I’ll tell you what I discovered.

The best career based on my talents and skills? CEO.
Since I got fired selling knick knacks and sweeping hair this makes perfect sense.


What kind of dog would I be? MUTT.
I’m not the cute Pug or Corgi. I’m not a prissy Poodle. Nope, I’m the one from parts unknown. Hmmmmmmmmmm.


What kind of trip should I take? FOODIE ESCAPE.
What a joke. I can live on a pack of Nabs until dinner. As long as where I’m going has a vending machine, I’m A-Okay.


So this week I cried over my Facebook movie and discovered I’m a large-and-in-charge mongrel looking for food.

I can’t write anymore. I have to go find out which ’90s Alt-Rock Dude I’m supposed to be.


This is some totally awesome stuff, man.

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